“Who can help us?” : GROUPS OF ONE

March 30, 2010

This guy is doing his part - are you?

The process of being involved doesn’t need to be all-consuming, it doesn’t even need to take much of a different form from your everyday life. 

Two things you need to do – educate yourself while being CRITICAL about what you read (i.e. use your own brain it’s why that wonderful gift was given to you), and THINK about how you can uniquely help (e.g. got a lot of friends, start reaching out to them and engaging them in the discussion, got a car then write something on the back window, work near a busy street and have huge balls then make a sign and hang out there during lunch). 

Not sure where to get started?  READ THE CONSTITUTION – it’s really not very big (took me 30minutes to read) and will arm you with content and a feeling that will get you going for weeks….I PROMISE!  

Here’s a link to it – http://www.usconstitution.net/const.txt 

If you’re hard-core, read up on the fall of the Roman Empire – the parallels are amazing and our founding fathers wrote the constitution with the belief they’d built into the document parts that would help us avoid those mistakes.  This is just one link and the analysis is longer and complex (http://ancienthistory.about.com/cs/romefallarticles/a/fallofrome.htm) But, I like to simplify and the following are what I see: 

  • decadence
  • incompetence
  • rise of Islam
  • monetary trouble
  • growth of social programs (leads to monetary trouble)

Oh – one other thing, take the high road.  People love other people who take the high road – people shun those that take the low road (unless they’re drunk or on drugs of course).  i.e. Don’t call anyone names – that’s called being “base” and nobody respects those people for long.  Look, I was born and raised 20min from our country’s 1st capital – if you know the place you also know that my ilk don’t hold back in any way…can you say ROCKEEEeee 

You can have fun with this – just look at the guy in the devil costume at the Denver capital down there in my blog.  Imagine the fun that guy had!  Trust me he had a lot of fun, I saw about a dozen people taking pics with him even with  someone dressed up like the statue of liberty (yes liberty and the devil – wish I’d got that pic – very timely). 

And this isn’t about Republicans or Democrats – this isn’t even about liberal or conservative – this is about our constitutional republic going the way of Rome and their failed ancient empire, this isn’t about what group your part of….what I’m proposing is GROUPS OF ONE.  Random acts of expressionism from you and me. 

Don’t think you can make an impact?  Recall the team of two 20 sumptins that blew up the corrupt ACORN organization.  So, remember to take pictures or video, remember to post what you’ve done to the net.  Here’s a nice one my neighbor seems to change every day – I love all I see! 

Are you comfortable with this new reality?

You should take action, you must take action.  You don’t need to attend a protest but do if you want.  I’m not a big protest guy but have friends and family that convince me to go.  I ended up buying a bullhorn at radio shack cause what guy doesn’t want to own a bullhorn right?! 

Have fun and get yourself in the mix.  If it’s no more than to have a conversation with a friend over coffee – do that! 

Doing nothing is not an option, not today.  We gained liberty and freedom from a very small population 300 years ago when everyone was involved, everyone was responsible, everyone had to be responsible. 

Do you want to be lazy and ride the backs of others?  Or, do you somewhere deep inside feel you should do something?  Let’s call that the voice of those that paid the price of freedom with their lives.  Show that voice respect and do something. 

Here’s the list in case you have a hard time thinking (maybe you should also read me blog on imagination as capital below): 

  • Make a sign and hang out on the nearest busy street (lunchtime or rush hours – no need to hang out at all hrs)
  • Write a message on your car
  • Tweet your feeling, follow and follow back (@reimagin is one of my favorites)
  • Put on a costume and show up at your capital with a sign that says it all (whatever all is to you!)
  • Have coffee with the friend or group of friends and talk about your frustration, share this list with them too
  • THINK and come up with something totally unique (where’s all the songs crying about our misdirected government?)

Well, off to AZ tomorrow…have a good night, pray for the USA if that’s your thing, I’m not going to stop, you shouldn’t either!


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