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My anonymous wife

March 28, 2013

A mask represents elements of the mask, the person using it, and the many layers of intent. Personally I like them…

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Imagination – the mind’s spring of capital

March 28, 2010

Will you build it?

When are you going to start building those special places in your mind? You want to, but have you spent more than a few cycles of thought on them? 

NO TIME? TRY THIS THOUGHT …….Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise – Ben Franklin  Got time now? 

Do you follow a core set of values and ideas that drive you towards your goal?  Everyone has these.  They grow slowly inside us over long periods of time and because of that they don’t change very quickly – our values are the logic/algorithms/cogs that drive our action.  Sometimes we know it, sometimes we don’t.  Do you know what your values are?  Make a list of them if you don’t – achieving what you want requires you aim at something you really want and that depends on doing what your values support.  If you go after anything that doesn’t sync with your values your chances of success are reduced greatly! 

Imagination needs time and effort like a plan needs water, light and soil to grow. If you don’t feed your brain with the time and focus it needs, you won’t reach the goals you want to achieve – or, the goals you reach won’t be as great as you could have given the right care and feeding.  Keep your plans organized, take notes, spend a few minutes at the beginning and end of each day reviewing your plans, notes and random thoughts. 

A great start to organize all this is to create a list of goals. Try these simple steps on for size, the general rules are – keep it realistic and be specific. 

  • make one top-level goal just out of reach, this is the “horizon” on the road you need to stay clearly focused on (Call this your lifetime goal – and, don’t get freaked out and freeze creating this because you can change it later)
  • create sections for time frames, 10 years, 5 years, 2 years, 1 year, 6 months, 1 month, this week, and TODAY!
  • make one goal for each of these periods
  • be sure each objective or goal is Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Results oriented, and Time based. This is refered to as the SMART method
  • print this list out when your done
  • put it in a place you see every day, like a wall near your bed, your bathroom, your office. You need to see it every day.

The trick being used here is called the power of suggestion. We are born and raised learning to take suggestions on their face value and just do them. These goals written out and reviewed do the trick.  I know some of you are thinking, “I can’t trick myself, I’m too smart for that.”  But, trust me on this we all take suggestions, some of us better than others but the power of suggestion always has some influence.  Ignoring this reality is just ignorant. 

Don’t believe it? Just try this goal setting once for one week of goals.  

Are you good are reading and not good at doing?  Well do this goal list, it will take you 5 minutes and if you never read Poorjames blog again you will use this for life and remember Poorjames forever. 

If you’re like some of us, you don’t have enough time to try anything new that might help us improve our life / get what we want.  

So, use your imagination and try some other simple lists that will help with your goals, i.e. list in order of importance the most important things/people in your life – don’t forget about yourself (without a strong “you” there’s little energy for anything or anyone else – you need to come first to ensure you can make an impact on anything else). 

Another idea – make a list of “WHY” you want these goals.  The process will give you a purpose to draw more energy and focus from.  Don’t be afraid to make these lists public, if you hide them maybe you should go back to the values comment at the beginning of this post.  Sure, your spouse might ask you he/she’s below you on a list of most important people – just assure them that you can’t give them your best without being at your best!